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Mercedes Graves
Mercy Graves
Alias(es) Mercy Graves
Appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Status Deceased
Actor Tao Okamoto

Mercedes "Mercy" Graves was Lex Luthor's assistant.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice[]

Mercy is shown in the first US capital hearing, in order to monitor that Lex's convert pawn Kahina Ziri carries out her mission. Mercy is later seen escorting Senator Finch and Barrows to a meeting with Lex Luthor. Upon Lex coming to an agreement with Barrows, she delivers the body of the deceased Kryptonian Zod to Lex.

Mercy is present at the charitable function Lex holds at his Metropolis villa. There, she notices Bruce Wayne sneaking around suspiciously, and decides to follow him. She finds him downstairs next to a computer server and inquires as to what he is doing there. Bruce claims he was looking for the bathroom, which she says is upstairs. Bruce (in order to convincingly appear as a playboy billionaire) also compliments Mercy on her stylish shoes as she walks off.

Later, Mercy is present at the US Capital again, with Lex Luthor and Wallace Keefe to attend the Senate committee hearing for Superman. After he has a brief talk with Senator Finch, Lex instructs Mercy to enter the committee chamber and reserve him a seat. However, Lex never arrives and when a bomb hidden inside Keefe's wheelchair is detonated, Mercy and all others present perish, bar the invulnerable Superman.

Character traits[]

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Behind the scenes[]

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  • In the comics, it is believed that Mercy is of Amazonian heritage and she is employed by President Luthor as a bodyguard.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice[]

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