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Metropolis DCAU
Planet Earth
Country United States of America

Metropolis is the city in which Superman operates and protects.


The Batman/Superman Movie[]

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Superman: Brainiac Attacks[]

Brainiac plans to attack a power plant in New York before he's stopped by Superman.

TV Movies[]

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton[]

New York gains a hero in Superman.

Superman: The Main Man[]

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Superman: Blasts from the Past[]

Jax-Ur and Mala begin their conquest in New York, specifically Metropolis.

Superman: Apokolips...Now![]

New York, specifically Metropolis, is where Darkseid begins to attack before he's stopped by the forces of New Genesis.

Superman: Little Girl Lost[]

Metropolis gains a new protector in Supergirl.

Superman: Legacy[]

Superman's brainwashed attack on Earth is pinpointed on New York.

Justice League: Secret Origins[]

Metropolis is the starting point for the Imperium Invasion.

Justice League: The Savage Time[]

Metropolis falls under control of Vandal Savage during his tampering with World War II. It was returned to normal by the Justice League.

Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS Crisis[]

Metropolis, New York ends up being the location of Brainiac's attempted takeover and his final fight with the Justice League.

Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer[]

Darkseid attacks Metropolis, New York, but he's stopped by Superman, Batman, and Lex Luthor.

Batman Beyond: The Call[]

The Justice League Unlimited is still based in Metropolis, New York.



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