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Monster T
Appeared in Suicide Squad
Status Deceased
Actor Common

Monster T was a criminal who was in business with the Joker.


Suicide Squad[]

Monster T met up with Joker at his strip club. Joker saw how Monster T was eyeing up Harley, which Joker did not like. He called Harley over, and she started to seduce him, but he claimed she was a waste of his time and the Joker shot him.

Character traits[]

He was very cocky and did not listen to the Joker, despite his authority over him. On the contrary, Monster T was actually quite attentive to Joker and quite astute. However, it seems he underestimated the Joker's penchant for unpredictable manic behavior and Joker killed him out of jealousy.



Behind the scenes[]

  • Before his role was revealed, Common was rumoured to be playing Bronze Tiger, Tattooed Man and John Stewart/Green Lantern.


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Suicide Squad[]