Nathan Hardy
Nathan Hardy.jpg
Alias(es) Colonel Hardy
Appeared in Man of Steel
Status Deceased
Actor Christopher Meloni
"A good death is its own reward."
―Nathan Hardy's last words[src]

Colonel Nathan Hardy was a member of the US Air Force.


Man of Steel

Col. Nathan Hardy was one of the team investigating the artifact in the Antartic when Lois Lane arrived. He later witnessed the Kryptonian Scout Ship flying away from the site.

After General Zod's threat, Hardy tracked down Lois Lane to try and discover the whereabouts of Kal-El. Later, Kal-El surrendered himself into military custody on the condition that he was allowed to talk to Lois. As Superman sat in an interrogation room with Lois, Hardy along with General Swanwick and Dr. Emil Hamilton spoke with Kal-El who told them that he was not their enemy but feared that Zod would be.

When the Kryptonians began fighting in downtown Smallville, Hardy was tasked with leading the attack on them. Flying in a chopper with a squad, it was brought down by one of the hostiles but Hardy survived. He was confronted by Faora-Ul who he opened fire on to no avail. Drawing his knife and prepared for the worse, he was saved by Kal-El who tackled the villain away and engaged her, earning Hardy's trust in the process.

After Lois went to Hardy with a request to get Kal-El's ship and use it against Zod, he does so after knowing Kal-El was on their side and after being giving the ship, put it aboard a C-17 and flew to Metropolis where Zod had unleashed his Black Zero ship's gravity beam which was destroying the city. On their way to the ship, Faora jumped aboard and dispatched several men before throwing Lois out of the plane. Before Faora could get to Hardy, he piloted the plane directly into Black Zero with the phantom drive of Kal-El's ship exploding against Black Zero's causing a temporary portal to the Phantom Zone sucking inside the plane with Hardy and Faora on as well as Black Zero's ship before it closed.



Behind the Scenes

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Man of Steel


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