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Nathaniel Adams
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Alias(es) Captain Atom
Appeared in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Status Alive
Actor Xander Berkeley

Nathaniel Adams is the superhero known as Captain Atom.


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies[]

Captain Atom leads a team of superpowered individuals working for the government under the command of President Lex Luthor, consisting of Power Girl, Major Force, Black Lightning, Starfire, Katana and later Captain Marvel and Hawkman. He and his team try to convince Superman to join them, but he refuses to get involved with anyone working for Luthor. Later, Captain Atom and the Justice League defeat the assembled villains and try to arrest Superman and Batman for the murder of Metallo. During the battle, Captain Atom and Major Force overpower Superman. Although Major Force continues attacking Superman, Captain Atom stops him. Taking advantage of this, Superman defeated Captain Atom and Major Force as well as the entire team. After knocking out the others, he escapes with Power Girl and Batman. Later, Luthor berates Captain Atom for failing and orders him to finish the job. Captain Atom's team finds Batman, Superman and Power Girl and fight them again. Just as Superman defeats Captain Atom, Captain Atom sneaks away and overhears an argument between Batman and Major Force. While listening to the argument, he learns from Batman that Luthor had Major Force kill Metallo to frame Superman. Realizing the truth, he changes sides and redeems himself by absorbing the energy leaking from Major Force's containment suit (after Power Girl inadvertently ruptured the suit), a feat that renders him comatose. After Batman destroys the Kryptonite meteor that was heading for Earth, Superman defeats Luthor, who is then taken into custody by Captain Atom and his team.


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