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Ned Beatty

Ned Beatty

The late Ned Beatty portrayed Otis in Superman: The Movie, Superman II, and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

Significant roles[]

  • Bobby in Deliverance (1972)
  • Sheriff J.C. Connors in White Lightning (1973)
  • Sheriff J.C. Connors in Gator (1976)
  • Arthur Jensen in Network (1976)
  • Dr. Gibbs in Our Town (1977)
  • Edwards in Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)
  • Nick Szysznyk in Szysznyk (1977-1978)
  • Otis in Superman: The Movie (1978)
  • Otis in Superman II (1980)
  • Rep. Leo Ryan in Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)
  • Ace Stampler in Splendor in the Grass (1981)
  • Ralph Follett in All the Way Home (1981)
  • Clyde Torkle in Stroker Ace (1983)
  • Dean David Martin in Back to School (1986)
  • Roy Ridnitz in Switching Channels (1988)
  • Ed Conner in Roseanne (1989-1994)
  • Santa Claus in Angel Square (1990)
  • Ernest Weller in Repossessed (1990)
  • Sam Kolawetz in Captain America (1990)
  • Josef Locke in Hear My Song (1991)
  • Daniel Ruettiger in Rudy (1993)
  • Det. Stanley "The Big Man" Bolander in Homicide, Life on the Street (1993-1995)
  • Gen. Walt Wahlen in Radioland Murders (1994)
  • Judge Roy Bean in Streets of Laredo (1995)
  • Farmer Grultrud in Gulliver's Travels (1996)
  • Lester Boyle in Cookie's Fortune (1999)
  • Dexter Wilkins in Life (1999)
  • Det. Stanley "The Big Man" Bolander in Homicide (2000)
  • Mudduck in I Was a Rat (2001)
  • Sheriff Abe McConnell in Where the Red Fern Grows (2003)
  • Jack Delorean in The Walker (2007)
  • Senator Charles F. Meachum in Shooter (2007)
  • Doc Long in Charlie Wilson's War (2007)
  • Twinky LeMoyne in In the Electric Mist (2009)
  • Chester Conway in The Killer Inside Me (2010)
  • Lotso in Toy Story 3 (2010)


  • "I was really caught off guard. I was traveling through Metropolis, Illinois where they celebrate the Superman comics and films and television show. And I didn't know there was a television show which was built around all the characters when they were younger [The CW's Smallville]."
  • "But I don't know about Superman. That was a special experience for me. Richard Donner, God bless his heart, he made me eat in every scene. Every time the camera rolled and I was near it, I had to be eating something. And he had more fun with my character than even I did. He loved that character for some reason. I don't know. That was a special experience and I would've liked to have hung on a little longer, but I don't know."