Appeared in Aquaman
Status Alive
Actor Dolph Lundgren
Nereus is an Atlantean warrior and the king of Xebel.



During a clandestine meeting arranged by at the Council of Kings, Nereus tensely greets Orm and derides him for choosing a location too close to the surface, which Orm counters with an impassioned speech of past glories and surface threats, which Nereus rebuffs as he believes the surface will destroy themselves before long and remains unconvinced by Orm's statements of Atlantis being destroyed first.

Although Vulko offered him a chance to unite the Atlantean empire by reminding him that Xebel was honored as the first Kingdom to join the alliance, Nereus bluntly reveals he knows fully well the truth of the meeting, as Atlantis didn't actually have any other choice but to ally with Xebel first due to the ancient laws making only with at least four kingdoms can any Atlantean kingdoms launch an attack on the surface as Xebel was the only kingdom able to give Orm the military support needed to force the cowardly Fishermen and Brine, which will never agree to join Orm, Kingdoms to agree with the Lost Nation and the Deserters having long perished meeting's intentions and without him and his army, Orm's request for an alliance are but a 'stillborn' proposition.

He then coldly tells Orm he knows what he really wants: to be declared "Ocean Master" by having the allegiance of at least four kingdoms, which will allow him to command the greatest military force on the planet, and he dismisses Orm's claims of seeing it as a mere title. When Orm impatiently says that he is the natural choice to lead it, Nereus sarcastically reminded him of the existence of his half brother and even states that as he is not the first-born, Orm's claim to the throne of Atlantis is weak and therefore, he is unworthy of uniting the empire, Orm angrily responds by dismissing his half-brother as loyal to the surface.

However, this discourse is violently ended when a commandeered Russian attack submarine-launched torpedoes at the Council of Kings. Taken by surprise, Nereus and Orm attempted to counterattack but were stunned by another exploding torpedo. Trapped under debris, Nereus was saved by Orm who then swam to the submarine and destroyed it. Finally convinced of the surface threat, Nereus pledged his forces to Orm's cause.

When Orm and Arthur prepare to duel, Nereus and Mera tensely talk about Nereus actually wanting the war to occur. After Mera openly betrayed Orm and was declared to have died, Nereus was relieved to hear she was still alive and sternly warned Orm that if any harm falls upon Mera, he will break off their alliance as to him Mera is still his daughter and the heir of Xebel.

Nereus shot the royal guards as Orm killed the Fisherman King, and coerces the Fisherman Princess into joining them.

Nereus stopped Orm from killing the Brine King, believing that they can use him to secure an alliance with the Kingdom of the Brine, but the Brine King defies Orm and they are interrupted by the emergence of Karathen, Mera and Aquaman. Although Nereus continues to lead his army, when Mera fights several Xebel soldiers, Nereus immediately orders his army to stop attacking his daughter and Mera tells him that Aquaman is the new king of Atlantis as he has the Trident of Atlantis. Deciding to believe his daughter, Nereus has all Xebellians stop fighting and allow Orm and Arthur to finish their duel one-on-one. After the war, the Kingdom of Xebel was among the many kingdoms of Atlantis.

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  • In the comics, Nereus and Mera are betrothed to marry, in the movie, they're father and daughter.
  • Dolph Lundgren is the first actor to have appeared in both the DCEU and the Arrowverse.



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