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Rumors about Nightwing


  • Armie Hammer will have a role.[1]
  • Jared Padalecki will play Nightwing.[2][3]
  • Trevor Stines will portray Nightwing.[4]
  • Danny Shepherd could play Nightwing.
  • Steven Yeun will play Nightwing.
  • Barry Keoghan will play Robin.[5]
  • Lewis Tan wants to play Nightwing.[6]
  • Dacre Montgomery will played Nightwing.[7]
  • Nick Jonas will played Nightwing.[8]
  • Nick Robinson will be a top choice for Nightwing.


  • CONFIRMED: Dick Grayson/Nightwing could be introduced/in the film as the lead.
  • CONFIRMED: Bruce Wayne/Batman will be a supporting/main lead in the film
  • Alfred Pennyworth will be supporting/main lead in the film.
  • Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl will appear in the film
  • CONFIRMED: Commission James Gordon will appear.
  • The Joker will appear.
  • Harley Quinn will appear
  • Riddler will appear
  • Catwoman will appear
  • Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood will appear.
  • Richard Grayson will appear.
  • The Court of Owls will be the villains.[9]


  • DEBUNKED: The film will be release in 2019.[10]
  • DEBUNKED: This could be one of the films to be release either on February 14, 2020 or June 5, 2020.[11]