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Oliver Queen
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Alias(es) Green Arrow
Appeared in Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS Crisis
Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer
Justice League vs. The Fatal Five
Status Alive
Actor Kin Shriner

Oliver Queen is a hero known as Green Arrow.


Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS Crisis[]

During the Project Cadmus affair, Green Arrow's place as the team's conscience proved invaluable in preventing the organization from succumbing to the same kind of violent temptation that created their tyrannical counterparts, the Justice Lords. When Superman was resolute to bring down Cadmus by force, Green Arrow advocated a more diplomatic approach. As one of the few non-powered heroes, and with strong convictions aided by an eloquent sophistication, Green Arrow rationalized the existence of Cadmus as a necessary means for the government to protect the people, in case the League went rogue. This perspective was pivotal to dissuade the heroes from taking a more drastic course of action, which could lead to war with the government.

When Superman announced the disbandment of the Justice League, Green Arrow acted once again as the voice of the people - coming full circle with Batman's original intentions for him - and stepped up, declaring how the world needed them. Now he understood their purpose, and the good they could do for the people. He refused to quit and asserted that the League would go on with or without its charter members, which was enough for Superman to reconsider.

Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer[]

During Darkseid's last invasion of Earth, Green Arrow and Black Canary fought side-by-side against the invading forces in Rome.


  • Bow
  • Quiver
  • Trick Arrows


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