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Oswald Cobblepot
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Alias(es) Penguin
Appeared in The Batman
Status Alive
Actor Colin Farrell

Oswald Cobblepot is the former right hand man to Carmine Falcone and a rising crime lord in Gotham City, whom, due to having a penguin-like physical appearance, receives the nickname of The Penguin, which he dislikes.



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The Batman

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Behind the Scenes

  • Seth Rogen was considered for Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin and Josh Gad also met with Reeves and Warner Bros. about playing the character, but by his own account, the discussions weren't all that serious and never led to an audition.
  • Jonah Hill was approached for the Riddler, but turned down the offer due to disagreements over his pay and the studio preferring him to portray the Penguin instead.
  • It took 6 hours for Colin Farrell in the makeup chair.


  • Colin Farrell wore prosthetics and a fat suit created by makeup artist Mike Marino, choosing to use the fat suit after having a negative experience gaining weight for the television series The North Water.
  • Farrell was frequently described as "unrecognizable" in costume, to the point that Jeffrey Wright and Rupert Penry-Jones initially did not recognize him on set.
  • Farrell and the team took the prosthetics for a test at a Starbucks in Burbank where he got a couple of stares, but only because it’s such an imposing look.


The Batman

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