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Appeared in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans
Status Deceased
Actor James Woods

Owlman was the evil counterpart of Batman.


Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths[]

Owlman feverishly searched for Earth-Prime, the foundation of all Earths in the multiverse, with the intention of using a powerful weapon the Syndicate recently developed to destroy it and, with it, all reality. He reasons that destroying the multiverse is the only action he could definitively commit without another version of him somewhere doing the alternative option. He also likens humankind to a cancer that must be eradicated. Owlman nearly succeeds in his plan, but Batman follows him to Earth-Prime and narrowly defeats him. He sends the weapon and Owlman to another parallel Earth that is unpopulated and frozen solid. Once there, Owlman notices he still has time to stop the detonation and save himself. Realizing that an alternate version of him will make the opposite choice regardless, he does nothing while saying "It doesn't matter." Thus, the weapon explodes and destroys the planet, killing Owlman.

Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans[]

He makes a cameo in this film


  • Enhanced Suit
  • Owlrang
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Pistol
  • Owlman's Plane


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