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Paul Parducci

Paul Parducci

Paul Parducci voiced G'Hu in Green Lantern.

Significant roles[]

  • Jack Cheese in Silent But Deadly (1987)
  • Sancho in Hot Splash (1988)
  • Paul in Cracking Up (1994)
  • Leon in Hard Time (1996)
  • Deke Williams in Just Shoot Me! (1998)
  • Tiarrez in NYPD Blue (2001)
  • Alan in Will & Grace (2002)
  • Cyrus in Desperate Housewives (2005)
  • Coach Remmers in Drake & Josh (2008)
  • Billy Melons in Sinatra Club (2010)
  • G'Hu (voice) in Green Lantern (2011)


  • "Martin had me working physically in the space. Instead of working a static mic, he had me moving from one to another."
  • "I think Martin is one of the best directors working today. I’m one of those Directors that come to work with a shot-list and my whole day planned, so I tend to favor Directors that show up in the morning knowing what they want. As an actor I am Old-school, meaning that for me, the director is the Boss. I have to trust that he has the story in his head. From the second I met Martin in the parking lot at Warner Brothers, I knew that he both knew what he wanted and knew exactly what he was doing."
  • "I studied the History of the Lantern Corp. G'Hu at his foundation is a Soldier, so I started there. Since I approach all role-preparation the same way, I had to find him physically as well. Whether or not I am seen or heard, real is real and my goal is always to bring a living breathing character to the story. I studied all the available images of Gh'u and was eventually able to “fill” the character. In the case of Gh’u I found the character in my fingers."