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Phillip Stryver
Appeared in The Dark Knight Rises
Status Deceased
Actor Burn Gorman

Phillip Stryver was the Executive Vice President of Daggett Industries.


The Dark Knight Rises[]

Phillip Stryver worked as John Daggett's assistant during the time that the terrorist Bane came to Gotham City. Bane gained Daggett's assistance so that in return, Daggett could take over Wayne Enterprises.

After Miranda Tate took control of Wayne Enterprises instead of Daggett, Stryver was told to leave the room. While waiting outside, he heard Bane snap Daggett's neck but did nothing.

After Bane revealed Harvey Dent's crimes to Gotham and released all of the prisoners from Blackgate, Bane and the criminals took over the city. Stryver, among many people, were brought to a kangaroo court being judged by Jonathan Crane and was found guilty. Crane gave Stryver two choices: death or exile. Stryver chose to be exiled.

For his exile, Stryver was forced to cross the frozen channels in between Gotham and its surrounding cities. While Stryver was crossing the ice, he fell through.

Character traits[]

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Behind the scenes[]

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