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Brainiac 5 (Legion of Superheroes)
Alias(es) Brainiac 5
Appeared in Legion of Super Heroes: Sundown
Legion of Super Heroes: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow
Legion of Super Heroes: Dark Victory
Status Alive
Actor Adam Wylie

Brainiac 5 is the descendant of Brainiac. He is also the technical support of the Legion of Super Heroes.



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The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow[]

Superman X (a clone of Superman from the 41st century) hints that someday, Brainiac 5 will be responsible for something terrible in the future.

Dark Victory[]

Brainiac 5 begins to suffer data corruption as Imperiex intended from the start, becoming cold and unfeeling in the process. Once completely under his ancestor's influence during Brainiac 5 assumes a new form in homage to his ancestor and leaves the Legion to join Imperiex's army, taking command after killing Imperiex. Once overpowering the hivemind on his homeworld of Colu with his will, Brainiac 5 intends to bring "order" to the universe, destroying any who interfere. Thanks to Superman and Superman X, Brainiac 5 managed to regain control over himself and overpower his ancestor. In the process, Brainiac 5 becomes a pure organic being as he discards his robotic armor. To cope with this new state and his recent actions, Brainiac 5 leaves the Legion. The robotic parts, in turn, combine to form a new evil Brainiac.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Twelfth Level Intelligence

Battle Mode[]

  • Super Strength
  • Laser cannons

Brainiac Mode[]

  • Data transformation


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Behind the scenes[]

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