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Ra's al Ghul
Ra's Al Ghul (Under the Red Hood)
Appeared in Batman: Under the Red Hood
Status Alive
Actor Jason Isaacs

Ra's al Ghul was Batman's enemy, who is a nigh-immortal being through his use of the Lazarus Pits.


Batman: Under the Red Hood[]

In his last encounter with Batman, he was intending to topple the European economy, and hired Joker to distract Batman and Robin. However, Joker murdered Robin after capturing him, an act that Ra's did not intend to happen, as it was unnecessary; he had overestimated his ability to control the Joker and underestimated his madness. As personal penance, he ceased his war against Batman, and attempted to return Jason Todd to him via the Lazarus Pit. But the process to restore Jason to life brought him back in a damaged state. His army searched for Jason after he escaped, but was unable to locate him. Ra's thought him dead again until he realized that he had returned to Gotham.


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  • Ra's al Ghul has lived for over five-hundred years through the use of the Lazarus Pit to rejuvenate him.


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