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Raymond Palmer
Ray Palmer JLG&M
Alias(es) Ray Palmer
Appeared in Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Status Deceased
Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Raymond "Ray" Palmer is a graduate of Gotham University and was part of a clique of students who studied under Dr. Lex Luthor and were informally known as "Luthor's boys." He went on to become an expert in the field of molecular miniaturization. Palmer worked for the government and President Waller. He was one of the scientists recruited to Project Fair Play, a secret program dedicated to perfecting methods to neutralize the Justice League if needed.


Justice League: Gods and Monsters[]

Palmer was set to present what called "Molecular Miniaturization: A Big Idea for a Shrinking World" to a Senate committee. He finished his speech in the afternoon, near the day of the presentation. In the evening, his assistant Ryan Choi gathered up three shrunken horses - the tentpole of his work - and placed them in kennels on Palmer's pick up truck. Palmer started the long drive from upstate Gotham to D.C. and called up his wife Jean then left a voice mail about having room for stables in the backyard after all. Suddenly, Will Magnus' Wonderdroid sliced through the center of his truck. Palmer pulled a U-turn and sped off. The droid leaped onto the truck and plunged its sword into the cab. It reached in and bashed Palmer's head into the steering wheel. He went over the side of the road and plunged over the cliff. Palmer survived the crash and quickly hid behind a tree. The droid arrived and looked around. It kicked the truck and was about to leave when Palmer's cell phone rang. Palmer turned it off and saw the droid was gone.

The Wonderdroid appeared behind Palmer and sliced him in half. Palmer's truck was found at the bottom of a hill sliced up and kicked in. The size of the boot print was diminutive and had a pronounced heel much like Wonder Woman's. A couple days later, Palmer's body wasn't found yet. Worried for his life, Jean Palmer called her friend and confidant Tina Magnus 10 times a day. A day later or so, Steve Trevor confirmed Palmer was found sliced in half and forensics implicated Wonder Woman in the murder.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Size Alteration
  • Science


  • Jean Palmer - Wife.
  • Ryan Choi - Ally.
  • Metal Man - Killer.

Appearances/Voice Actors[]

Behind the scenes[]

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters[]

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