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Rene Samson
Samson ASS
Alias(es) Samson
Appeared in All-Star Superman
Status Alive
Actor John DiMaggio

​​Rene Samson is a time traveler from the future who is descended from the Biblical Samson and possesses his superhuman strength. He is friends and partners with Atlas the legendary Titan from Greek Mythology.


All-Star Superman[]

When Superman gave Lois Lane a special serum, she got powers just like his for a day. When Krull was invading Metropolis, Superman and Lois arrived but not before Samson and Atlas defeated Krull and his reptilian henchmen. Samson defeated Krull in combat and threw him into space, but Superman saved him from dying in space.

After fighting alongside Lois, Samson became obsessed with her and wanted her as his girlfriend but Atlas was also infatuated with Lois. Atlas gave Lois jewels that he and Samson had stolen from Ultra-Sphinx. But Ultra-Sphinx appeared and threatened to take Lois's life if Superman did not answer his riddles correctly. Thankfully, Superman answered his riddles correctly and Lois was spared.

Samson and Atlas challenged Superman to a double arm wrestling match, if they won then one of them could date Lois, but if they lost they were supposed to go back to their own time period. After losing this competition, they of course, went back to the period of time they lived in.

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  • Samson is very similar to the Hulk character from Marvel comics, Doc Samson. Both have long hair and both have super strength, both have the last name Samson, and both are obsessed with the main character's love interest.


All-Star Superman[]