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Robert Queen
Robert Queen (Arrow)
Appeared in Arrow: The Undertaking
Heroes v Aliens
Status Deceased
Actor Jamey Sheridan

Robert Queen was the CEO of Queen Consolidated. He was also the husband of Moira Queen, the father of Oliver Queen, the step-father to Thea Queen, the best friend of Walter Steele, and the former best friend of Malcolm Merlyn. He shoots himself in the head to save his son's life and to increase his chances of survival after they are shipwrecked so Oliver can right his wrongs.


Arrow: The Undertaking[]

Robert Queen was founder and CEO of Queen Consolidated. When he first opened his Queen Industrial Shipping factory in the Glades, a city councilman approached him and told him that he'd only allow the factory to run if Robert financially compensated him. Robert, being an honest businessman, angrily rejected the councilman's proposal and the two got into a heated argument which soon turned violent. Robert then accidentally caused the councilman to fall to his death, leaving Robert in a state of shock and depression.

After the incident with the councilman, Robert turned to his close friend Malcolm Merlyn and the two created the organization Tempest, which was created to help Starling City by strong arming the corrupt wealthy people who were poisoning the city through their illegal actions. However, Malcolm was unsatisfied by the slow results, and came up with a new plan called The Undertaking, which would destroy the crime ridden Glades, and the thousands of people in it. Robert was horrified at Malcolm's plan, and met with Frank Chen, another one of the members of Tempest, and the two men agreed to meet with each other in China to take control of the majority of real estate in the Glades, thus preventing the Undertaking. Frank, however, betrayed Robert to Malcolm, who had the Queen's Gambit sabotaged before Robert used it to travel to China.



Behind the scenes[]

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  • In the comics, Robert and his wife were killed on safari.
  • In Smallville, the two were killed in a plane crash orchestrated by Lionel Luthor.


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