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Roxanne Ballantine
Rocky Ballantine
Alias(es) Rocky Ballantine
Appeared in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Status Alive
Actor Kelly Ripa

Doctor Roxanne "Rocky" Ballantine was one of the three women who took the persona of Batwoman.


Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman[]

A week before Rocky Ballantine's wedding, the Penguin framed her fiancé, Kevin, for smuggling. Enraged, Rocky vowed to take down Penguin and free her lover. She joined with her associates Sonia Alcana and Kathy Duquesne as three women posing as Batwoman. She visited Kevin at the Gotham police station, telling him that she was close to freeing him and getting the Penguin incarcerated, but Kevin, who had by now lost hope, asked that she stop trying. When Rocky returned to her apartment, she was, unbeknownst to her, visited by Batman. Batman and Rocky had a brief fight. Rocky gained the advantage and before she could attack again, Batman revealed himself and the fight stopped. Later, Rocky and Sonia, with Batman and Robin's help, saved Kathy from Thorne and Penguin, captured Penguin and Thorne and arranged the release of Kevin, as he was cleared of all charges.


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