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Roy Harper
511 103
Alias(es) Speedy
Appeared in Teen Titans: Titans East
Teen Titans: Calling All Titans
Status Alive
Actor Mike Erwin

Roy Harper is Green Arrow's hero partner Speedy.


Titans East[]

Speedy joins the Titans East, the second team of Teen Titans that are based in Steel City. When he reappears in "Titans East - Part 1", more of his traditional bad-boy personality is seen, as he refuses to apologize for buying fish tacos, which offends Aqualad to no end. He was mind-controlled by Brother Blood in "Titans East - Part 2" and forced to serve Brother Blood in his quest to destroy the Teen Titans but is saved by the Titans after Brother Blood is defeated by Cyborg.

Calling All Titans[]

When the Brotherhood of Evil launches their plan to eliminate young superheroes around the world, Speedy is forced to fight Cheshire, who easily defeated him by slicing his bow in half. He is later flash-frozen as a victory trophy in the Brotherhood of Evil's lair. However, during the final battle between the Brotherhood and the Titans, he is defrosted and helps the Titans secure their victory against the Brotherhood by defeating Fang. Speedy is later seen in Titans Tower, where he is socializing with the other Titans present. When they are alerted of Doctor Light robbing a bank, Speedy and all the Titans participated in bringing Doctor Light to justice.


  • Concussive arrows


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