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Roy Harper
YJID Speedy
Alias(es) Speedy
Red Arrow
Appeared in Young Justice: Independence Day
Status Alive
Actor Crispin Freeman

Roy Harper is Green Arrow's hero partner Speedy.


Young Justice: Independence Day[]

Speedy quickly came to see himself as Green Arrow's partner rather than a mere sidekick. When the day came for the four pupils to take their first step into becoming full fledged members of the Justice League, Speedy became infuriated when it turned out to be little more than a "glorified backstage pass". He revealed that Green Arrow had told him all about the League's real base, the Watchtower, and tried to get the others to see his point of view. When this failed, Speedy quit, throwing down his hat and walking out of the Hall of Justice to become his own hero.


  • Concussive arrows


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