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Rupert Thorne
Rupert Thorne (Batman)
Appeared in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Status Alive
Actor John Vernon

Rupert Thorne is a Gotham City crime boss that comes across Batman constantly.


Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman[]

Thorne entered a munitions-smuggling racket with the Penguin and Carlton Duquesne. He was arrested, however, due to interference by Batman and the three Batwomen.

TV Movies[]

Batman: Two-Face[]

Difficulty arose for Thorne when District Attorney Harvey Dent began pressuring the system to arrest Thorne. Fueled by his desire to get re-elected, Dent aggressively pursued Thorne's case. However, Thorne acquired the District Attorney's psychiatric medical files and learned that Dent is seriously mentally ill with a barely controlled case of multiple personality disorder. The gangster used this information on the Dent's moment of reelection victory to blackmail the DA. The overflowing anger at Thorne's threats and his gang's taunts brought Dent's alter ego, "Big Bad Harv", to the surface, and Dent attacked Thorne. As Thorne fled the scene with Dent in tow, a henchman shot and destroyed a vat of chemicals, scarring the left half of Dent's body. The accident hit on multiple levels: scarred physically and emotionally, Dent became Two-Face, a villain driven by chance and luck.

His public career lost, Two-Face set out to destroy everything Thorne had made, before finally ruining the mobster himself. After Two-Face destroyed various clubs, Thorne put a $2 million hit on the man—one million for each face. Though Two-Face acquired Thorne's criminal file in an attempt to blackmail Thorne the same way he had blackmailed Two-Face, Thorne was one step ahead, and blackmailed the villain. A struggle ensued but in the end, both Thorne and Two-Face were arrested.

Batman: Shadow of The Bat[]

Rupert Thorne was eventually arrested at a contraband warehouse and his cover blown by Batman and corrupt officer Gil Mason.