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Spy Smasher (1942)
Director: William Witney
Producer: William J. O'Sullivan
Writer(s): Ronald Davidson
Norman S. Hall
William Lively
Joseph O'Donnell
Joseph Poland
Release Date: April 4, 1942
Running Time: 12 chapters/214 mins
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Spy Smasher is a 1942 twelve-chapter film serial.


Spy Smasher is a costumed American acting independently of the United States while it remains out of World War II. After discovering information about Nazi activities in occupied France he is captured and executed. However this is faked and he escapes back to the United States, meeting with his twin brother Jack (as Jack is incorrectly "recognized" and attacked by a Nazi agent) and Jack's fiance. The Nazi agent in America is The Mask, operating from a U-Boat near the coast. The Mask's attacks on America begin with an attempt to flood the country with forged money and destroy the economy. When this is defeated, he continues with other attacks including destroying planes, oil and munitions intended for Britain. Constant defeats at the hands of Spy Smasher, with support from Jack Armstrong and Admiral Corby, also leads the villain to take the fight back to the masked hero. In the end, the villain is killed aboard his own U-Boat in a sea of flaming oil. However, Spy Smasher's brother Jack Armstrong was also killed by the Nazis earlier in the serial.


  • Kane Richmond as Alan Armstrong/Spy Smasher and Jack Armstrong
  • Marguerite Chapman as Eve Corby
  • Sam Flint as Admiral Corby
  • Hans Schumm as The Mask
  • Tris Coffin as Drake