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Appeared in Teen Titans: Titans East
Teen Titans: Homecoming
Teen Titans: Calling All Titans
Status Unknown

Steamroller was a villain being controlled by Brother Blood.


Teen Titans: Titans East[]

How Steamroller came to be a cybernetic monster has yet to be revealed. He originated from Steel City, where he was captured and brainwashed by Brother Blood (Teen Titans) into aiding him in his plans. By attacking a steel mill, Steamroller attracted the attention of the newly formed Titans East. After some initial blunders (which was due to a serious lack of team cohesion), the Titans managed to bring him down with Cyborg's assistance, but not before Steamroller had used a probe on Cyborg to obtain the security codes for the Titans East Tower.

Teen Titans: Homecoming[]

Later, Steamroller was recruited by the Brotherhood of Evil, who were planning to bring down young superheroes all around the world.

Teen Titans: Calling All Titans[]

When the Brain decided to execute its plans, Steamroller, Overload and I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. succeeded in capturing the brothers Thunder and Lightning. However, when the Titans mounted a counterattack on the Brotherhood's base and managed to free the Titans already captured, where he got smashed by Red Star. Following this, he was overpowered by Thunder.



Behind the scenes[]

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