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Suicide Squad Soundtrack

Suicide Squad is the soundtrack to the film of the same name. Music composed by Steven Price

Track list[]

  1. Task Force X
  2. Arkham Asylum
  3. I’m Going To Figure This Out
  4. You Make My Teeth Hurt
  5. I Want To Assemble A Task Force
  6. Brother Our Time Has Come
  7. A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit Cards
  8. A Killer App
  9. That’s How I Cut and Run
  10. We Got A Job To Do
  11. You Die We Die
  12. Harley And Joker
  13. This Bird Is Baked
  14. Hey Craziness
  15. You Need A Miracle
  16. Diablo’s Story
  17. The Squad
  18. Are We Friends Or Are We Foes?
  19. She’s Behind You
  20. One Bullet Is All I Need
  21. I Thought I’d Killed You
  22. The Worst Of The Worst
  23. June Moore (Bonus Track)**
  24. Did That Trickle (Bonus Track)**
  25. You Know The Rules Hotness (Bonus Track)**
  26. Enchantress In The War Room (Bonus Track)**
  27. Introducing Diablo and Croc (Bonus Track)**
  28. Tast Force X Activated (Bonus Track)**
  29. Can Everyone See This Trippy Stuff (Bonus Track)**
  30. I Promised My Friends (Bonus Track)**
    1. Crazy Train (removed due to rights)