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Superboy: A Change of Heart
A Change of Heart
Director: David Nutter
Producer: Stan Berkowitz
Julia Pistor
Ilya Salkind
Writer(s): Paul Stubenrauch
Release Date: October, 1991
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A Change of Heart is the two-part season four premiere of the Superboy TV series.


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  • Gerard Christopher as Clark Kent/Superboy
  • Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang
  • Salome Jens as Martha Kent
  • Sherman Howard as Lex Luthor
  • Peter Jay Fernandez as Matt Ritter
  • Tracy Roberts as Darla
  • Stuart Whitman as Jonathan Kent
  • Robert Levine as C. Dennis Jackson
  • Dennie Neal as Reporter #1
  • Tricia Jean Matthews as Reporter #2
  • Bob Norris as Man
  • Danny Haneman as Prison Guard
  • Robert Reynolds as Security Guard
  • Kathy Poling as Smiling Woman
  • Jay Glick as Priest
  • Don Fitzgerald as Mayor
  • Jim McDonald as Lt. Walker
  • Bill Cordell as Dr. Connelly
  • Frank Eugene Matthew, Jr. as Ernie
  • Carla Copps as Deana
  • Bill Mumy as Tommy Puck
  • Michael Des Barres as Adam Verrell
  • Chirs Calvert as Gang Leader


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