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Teen Titans
Teen Titans
Base of operations Titans Tower
Appeared in Teen Titans: Apprentice
Teen Titans: Aftershock
Teen Titans: Titans East
Teen Titans: The End
Teen Titans: Homecoming
Teen Titans: Calling All Titans
Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Teen Titans GO! To the Movies
Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans
Status Active
Leader(s) Robin
Members Robin
Beast Boy

The Teen Titans are a group of teenage superheroes who protect Jump City.


TV Movie[]

Trouble in Tokyo[]

The Titans go to Japan to face an enemy named Brushogun after one of his creations attacks the Tower. After several individual misadventures, the Titans discover that the leader of a team called the Tokyo Troopers is responsible for creating fake villains for them to capture and look like heroes, using an imprisoned Brushogun. After freeing Brushogun and stopping a giant ink monster, Tokyo is saved.

TV Series[]


Due to Robin's obsession with discovering who Slade is, he is forced to leave the Titans when they become infected by nanite probes and becomes Slade's apprentice until the Titans discover the truth and aid Robin at the risk of dying, prompting Robin to have the nanites infect him as well, forcing Slade to deactivate him and get defeated by the Titans.


When an ex-member of the team, Terra, attacks the Titans after joining Slade, all the Titans are beaten before finally confronting Slade and Terra. After a talk with Beast Boy, Terra sacrifices herself to stop Slade, saving the Titans and the city. This earned Terra back her spot on the Titans, posthumously.

Titans East[]

After the organization of a subgroup called the Titans East, Cyborg goes to help them out and temporarily leaves the main Titans to lead the Titans East, but Cyborg eventually returns to the original team after both work together to defeat Brother Blood.

The End[]

When Raven's father, Trigon, uses Slade to activate Raven's status as the Gem, Trigon's portal to Earth, Raven gives her powers to the Titans to allow them to fight Trigon, though he's easily able to overpower them. With that, Robin and Slade, having been betrayed by Trigon, leave to search for Raven while the Titans face their own dark sides. Once Robin arrives with a nine-year-old Raven, the Titans fight on, inspiring Raven to help and returning her to her true age, after which, she banishes her father to an inter-dimensional prison and saves the entire universe.


The Titans help Doom Patrol stop the Brotherhood of Evil, marking them as new enemies of the Brotherhood.

Calling All Titans and Titans Together[]

The Titans end up almost completely captured by the Brotherhood until several chunks of the Titans invade and free everyone, led by Beast Boy, after which, Robin and Beast Boy defeat the Brotherhood's leader, Brain, while Kid Flash and Más y Menos freeze the members of the Brotherhood, and Starfire, Cyborg, and Herald get rid of a bomb.

Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans[]

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Main Titans[]

Titans East[]

Honorary Titans[]


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