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The Flash
The Flash Movie Logo.jpg
Director: Andy Muschietti
Producer(s): Richard Suckle
Andy Horwitz
Walter Hamada
Chantal Nong Vo
Michael Disco
Zack Snyder
Deborah Snyder
Andy Muschietti
Barbara Muschietti
Marianne Jenkins
Writer(s): Christina Hodson
Story by:
Christina Hodson
John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein
Expected Release: June 23, 2023
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The Flash is an upcoming movie and the film is the fourteenth film in the DC Extended Universe about Barry Allen in an alternative reality after traveling back in time to save his mother and must deal with the consequences.


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Production History

In December 2004, David S. Goyer was attached to write and direct a superhero film based on the The Flash with Charles Roven producing.[1] Goyer expressed interest in having actor Ian Somerhalder portray Wally West,[2] with Ian expressing his own interest in the role.[3] In June 2005, Goyer was still developing the first script draft for The Flash and had yet to finalize negotiations with Somerhalder.[4] In February 2007, Goyer departed from the project, citing creative differences with the studio.[5] Goyer's script was considered dark-themed,[6] including both Barry Allen and Wally West as The Flash and drawing on seminal comic book runs by Mike Baron, Mark Waid, and Geoff Johns.[7]

Later in February 2007, director Shawn Levy was announced to be attached to The Flash and to oversee the writing of the new draft, which would use elements of Goyer's script.[6] Ian Somerhalder expressed interest in the role of The Flash once more if the new script's incarnation was Wally West.[8]

In October 2007, director David Dobkin said that he was signed on to direct The Flash, replacing Shawn Levy. Dobkin said that the film would work as a spin-off from the upcoming Justice League of America film. He said that the incarnation of the Flash would be Wally West.[9] In the February 2008 issue of Wizard the Flash was placed for a 2008 release date.[10] However both films were panned due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike.

In February of 2009 screenwriter Dan Mazeau was hired to write a script[1] In July of that same year it was reported that In the wake of the worldwide success of The Dark Knight, DC and Warner Bros. forged a closer working relationship for future projects. Now, in an attempt to homogenize their approach. Warners are overseeing a "reorganization" of the development slate. Warners executives still run the creative side, but DC "now has more input, making it an actual participant in the shaping of material." That included the studio's "quietly" hiring three of DC's name writers this past fall -- Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman -- to act as "consultants and writers for its superhero line of movies. The move involved taking back the reins on projects being handled by such producers as Charles Roven (The Flash) and Akiva Goldsman (Teen Titans)." Johns wrote a new treatment for The Flash, the script of which is being written by Dan Mazeau. Johns will also serve as a producer on the film, which does not currently have a director.[2]

In September of 2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. has launched a new division, DC Entertainment Inc., in order to better expand the DC Brand.[3] In October of 2009 Charles Roven was asked of the future of the Flash. In the interview, Roven explains that he was involved but that he was removed from the project because The Flash wasn't speeding in the direction Warner Brothers had in mind. Leaving the possible film in uncertainty.[4] The day after Dan Mazeau responded to the article by saying “Just to chime in on your latest article: The Flash has not been hobbled. Everything is moving forward as planned… I’m still writing the script. Geoff Johns is still consulting. Flash fans have no cause for concern, and — IMO — lots to be excited about.[5]” In February of 2010 it was reported that Warners is expected to announce its DC slate in the coming months populated by characters like The Flash and Wonder Woman."[6]

In late February of 2010 IESB.com reported that they had learned exclusively that WB's leading contender to helm "The Flash" is Greg Berlanti.[7] Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Barry Meyer says they are getting close to giving the go-ahead for a movie about the Scarlet Speedster, DC Comics superhero "Flash."[8]

On June 9, 2010, Green Lantern writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim were hired to pen a treatment of the film.”The Flash script will apparently be based off of the recent run by DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, and will feature Barry Allen as the first film incarnation of the Scarlett Speedster.


  • After the success of Batman in 1989 Jon Peters and Peter Guber in 1991 were going to produce the film, Jeph Loeb wrote the script and Michael J. Fox was considered for the role of Wally West or Barry Allen, but the film was cancelled.
  • In 2004, Warner Bros. announced that David S. Goyer would direct, write and produce a Flash film, with Ryan Reynolds considered to play Barry Allen. The project dissolved in 2007, when Goyer left over creative differences.
  • Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Ryan Kwanten, Matthew Fox and Scott Porter were all linked with the role of Barry Allen.
  • The movie will focus on Barry Allen, the second Flash.
  • Director Shawn Levy was originally attacted to direct the movie after David S. Goyer left but then he dropped out and then David Dobkin took over as the director for a while and then he also dropped out as well.
  • When David S. Goyer was attached to the movie the number one choice and the actor most interested in playing the role of The Flash was actor Ian Somerhalder and The Flash he would be portraying would be the 3rd Flash Wally West. 
  • Ezra Miller was announced to play the iconic hero of Flash on October 15, 2014, making him the youngest actor to ever play a DC comic role.
  • Ezra Miller is the second openly LGBT person to play a character in the DC Extended Universe. Cara Delevingne is the first, portraying June Moone / Enchantress in Suicide Squad.
  • When it was announced that Ezra Miller would be playing The Flash a lot of fans disliked the decision: those defending him voiced their support with the hashtag #supportezramiller.
  • The film is confirmed NOT to be an origin story.
  • It will star a different lead for Barry Allen, confirming no connection between the TV universe and movie universe.
  • Zack Snyder and Producer Greg Berlanti were linked with Directing.
  • Flash was originally in the hands of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller who went on to direct Solo: A Star Wars Story. The mantle was then passed to Seth Grahame-Smith to direct the movie who is also the screen writer. He later on left the project due to creative differences. "'Dope director Rick Famuyiwa was brought in to take care of the mantle who also left the project due to creative differences. Lord and Miller who were later fired from directing the Han Solo film were now in talks to direct. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were hired to co-direct but later dropped out over creative differences.
  • Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi, Matthew Vaughn and Marc Webb were the frontrunners for to direct the film, however, Raimi and Webb passed on the project. Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are also under consideration to direct.
  • This movie is going to have an even lighter tone compared to Justice League.
  • The third adaptation based on the Flashpoint storyline after Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and season 3 of "The Flash".
  • At San Diego Comic Con 2017, it was announced that this film would be an adaptation of The Flashpoint Paradox storyline. This means Jeffrey Dean Morgan could be reprising his role as Thomas Wayne from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
  • Julia Roberts and Julianne Moore are considered for the role of Nora Allen.
  • Rita Ora and Lucy Boynton were the frontrunners for Iris West before it went to Kiersey Clemons.
  • Kiersey Clemons was originally going to be introduced as Iris West in Justice League. However, her scenes were cut in the final film.
  • Ezra Miller and Billy Crudup previously starred together in the "Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)".
  • Has no connection to the TV-series "The Flash".
  • Billy Crudup is the 5th actor from Watchmen to appear in the DCEU. The other 4 are Carla Gugino, Patrick Wilson, Apollonia Vanova and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  • Rumored to have Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as the Flashpoint versions of their 'Batman V Superman' characters Thomas and Martha Wayne. In the alternate timeline it was Bruce who was killed outside the theatre not his parents. This resulted in Martha suffering an emotional breakdown and becoming The Joker and Thomas becoming The Batman to stop her.
  • This film is based on the "Flashpoint" storyline, where the Flash travels into an alternate universe where the world is in chaos and he must locate and bring together a Justice League to make things right.
  • Concept art for the Flash suit is similar to the first suit in "The Flash". It's shown to be a dark red armor like suit with a giant lightning bolt in the center of the chest without any circle around it or lightning bolts on the mask.
  • Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Fassbender have been rumored to be in consideration for Reverse Flash.
  • There are rumors that Andy Muschietti wants to do a female version of Mirror Master with actresses such as Sylvia Hoeks, Claire Foy and Mackenzie Davis mentioned as choices.
  • It has been rumored that WB are interested in doing a female version of Reverse Flash with Jessica Chastain in talks for the role.



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