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The Joker
The Joker (The Batman)
Appeared in The Batman vs. Dracula
Status Alive
Actor Kevin Michael Richardson

The Joker is a criminal of Gotham City and Batman's most widely known villain.


The Batman vs. Dracula[]

Joker was caught by Count Dracula and turned into a vampire. His hair turned white, his eyes turned blue-white, and his clothes were affected as well. Unlike all the other vampires, however, he retained his individuality and his speech as well as gaining vampiric superhuman strength and speed. Nevertheless he is still incapable of betraying Dracula's resting place. At one point, he humorously comments that the blood he feasts on in a blood bank has a delicious flavor of "a bold finish of wild cherries with a hint of oak". He stayed this way until Batman managed to find a cure and revert Joker back to normal. As a side effect, Joker didn't remember anything after his meeting with Penguin outside of Dracula's mausoleum.


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