The Return of Swamp Thing
Director: Jim Wynorski
Producer: Benjamin Melniker
Michael E. Uslan
Writer(s): Screenplay:
Neil Cuthbert
Grant Morris
Comic Book:
Len Wein
Bernie Wrightson
Release Date: May 12, 1989
Running Time: 88 mins
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The Return of Swamp Thing is a low budget sci-fi comedy sequel to Swamp Thing that features Swamp Thing battling Anton Arcane again.


After her mother's mysterious death, Abby Arcane (Heather Locklear) travels to the Florida swamps to confront her evil stepfather Dr. Arcane (Louis Jourdan), who somehow had been resurrected without an explanation after his death in the first film. In an attempt to stave off the effects of aging, Dr. Arcane, assisted by Dr. Lana Zurrell (Sarah Douglas), combines genes from various swamp animals and human beings, creating an army of monsters. Dr. Arcane tries to use his stepdaughter Abby in his genetic experiments until she is rescued by Swamp Thing (Dick Durock), a scientist previously transformed into a bog creature after a confrontation with the evil doctor and a conscience-stricken Dr. Zurrell.



  • America's favorite super hero is back in action!
  • Why can't men be more like plants?


The film was shot in Savannah, Georgia.

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