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The Return of Wonder Woman
The Return of Wonder Woman.jpg
Director: Alan Crosland
Writer(s): Stephen Kandel
Running Time: 73 mins
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The Return of Wonder Woman is a TV movie that served as the Season 2 premiere of the Wonder Woman. It revolves around Princess Diana resuming the mantle of Wonder Woman when a plane carrying Steve Trevor (son of her former associate) lands on Paradise Island.


Having returned home some time after WW II, Wonder Woman once again must deal with a plane crash landing on Paradise Island. This time, the plane is carrying Steve Trevor's son, and the danger comes from international terrorists. Wonder Woman returns to "man's world", where as Diana Prince - IADC agent, she works with Steve Trevor Jr. to prevent a terrorist from stealing a nuclear power plant and destabilizing all of Latin America..


  • Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
  • Lyle Waggoner as Major Steve Trevor
  • Norman Burton as Joe Atkinson
  • Fritz Weaver as Dr. Solano
  • Bettye Ackerman as Asclepia
  • Jessica Walter as Gloria
  • Beatrice Straight as The Queen
  • David Knapp as Major Gaines
  • Carlos Romero as Colonel Acevo
  • Dorrie Thomson as Evadne
  • Argentina Brunetti as Manageress
  • Edward Cross as Pilot
  • Johana De Winter as Dr. Ross
  • George Ives as Samuels
  • Frank Killmond as Logan