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The Secrets of Isis: Now You See It.../...Now You Don't
The Secrets of Isis- Now You See It...-...Now You Don't
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Writer(s): Chuck Menville, Len Janson, Arthur H. Nadel
Release Date: 1975
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Now You See It... and ...Now You Don't is a tv movie that was originally released as two episodes. It is part of The Secret of Isis series.


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  • JoAnna Cameron as Andrea Thomas/Isis
  • Brian Cutler as Rick Mason
  • Ronalda Douglas as Rennie Carol
  • John Davey as Captain Marvel
  • Michael Blodgett as Sam
  • Jerry Douglas as Inspector Bryce
  • Ben Frank as Larry
  • Paul Hampton as The Professor
  • Evan Kim as C.J. Howe
  • Ranji as Ranji
  • Craig Wasson as Feather