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The Vigilante (1947)
Director: Wallace Fox
Producer: Sam Katzman
Writer(s): Lewis Clay
Arthur Hoerl
George H. Plympton
Release Date: May 22, 1947
Running Time: 15 chapters/285 mins
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The Vigilante is a 1947 movie serial detailing the adventures of The Vigilante.


The Vigilante, a masked government agent, is assigned to investigate the case of the "100 Tears of Blood", a cursed string of rare blood red pearls sought by a gang led by the unknown X-1 that may have been smuggled into the country.

Greg Sanders (Saunders in the comics), in his civilian guise as an actor, is filming a western on George Pierce's ranch. Pierce is a wealthy rancher and nightclub owner. When the Prince Hamil arrives to the ranch, he gives a horse each to Saunders, Pierce, Captain Reilly, Tex Collier and Betty Winslow. But an outlaw gang soon attacks, attempting to steal all five horses. It turns out that each horse has twenty of the pearls hidden in their shoes (five in each) in secret compartments. Edging closer, Sanders learns that a prince's servant stole the diamonds from his master and smuggled them in on the horses with the intention of passing them on to X-1.


  • Ralph Byrd as Greg Sanders/The Vigilante
  • Ramsay Ames as Betty Winslow
  • Lyle Talbot as George Pierce
  • George Offerman Jr. as Stuff
  • Robert Barron as Prince Hamil
  • Hugh Prosser as Captain Reilly
  • Jack Ingram as Silver/henchman X-2
  • Eddie Parker as Doc/henchman X-3
  • Tiny Brauer as Thorne/henchman X-9