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DC Movies that I've seen

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I like all the Batman films (Even Forever and Batman & Robin although the latter is my least favourite by far) and I'm admin of the Batman Wiki. I admire Tim Burton's take on Batman and like the villain choices in Joel Schumacher's films (although they were all portrayed awefully) but I have to say Christopher Nolan has to be the best Batman director EVER! He did an amazing job with Batman's origin story and used a dark tone that no other Batman movie had pulled off sucessfully. Christian Bale is an amazing Batman and Heath Ledger's Joker was immense. Loved the portrayal of Two-Face, Bane, Ra's al Ghul, James Gordon and Catwoman. Amazing cast, amazing films.

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General Zod leads his forces

I'm not gonna lie I didn't really like Superman III or IV. Superman: The Movie and Superman II are really good for their time but looking back they are quite cheesy and there could be a lot more action but then again it was late 70s/early 80s so it can be forgiven. When I initially saw Superman Returns I wasn't impressed but I saw it again when it aired on TV and realised it wasn't too bad at all, it was no where near as good as the Batman films but it wasn't terrible and Brandon Routh played a good Clark/Superman also Kevin Spacey had a better script for Lex but still bored of Lex, bring in a villain Superman can physically fight please.

Man of Steel

I absolutely loved Man of Steel. It was emotional, had the perfect tone, awesome action and a great story. Zod and his allies were genuinely menacing and the scale of the destruction was epic. I thought all of the cast gave exceptional performances and blew the other Superman films completely away.

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Green Lantern

I honestly can't understand all the hate it has been recieving. My only problem with it being that it is a pretty generic origin story, but without an origin how can we truly be introduced to a character? I really enjoyed the film and although it could have been better and wasn't great doesn't mean it can't be good and enjoyable. I thought all the performances were excellent and the effects were great.


There is so much potential with this franchise and the negative reviews were incredibly unfounded, hopefully it is successful enough for WB to go ahead with their sequel plans. If not, I hope the 2011 film's failure doesn't stop Warner including Hal (whether recast or not) in the potential Justice League film.

Favourite Characters

The Spirit

The Octopus

I thought it was a pretty average film and shot in a very innovative and interesting style. I think the stylistic approach is what makes the film so fun. It is quite comical in places, I've not read the comic so I don't know if it was meant to be but I still enjoyed it. The cast all gave excellent performances.

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I thought it was a bit long but was brilliant none the less. Rorschach was awesome and so was the fight scene where Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II fight in the alley and in the prison. I think its awesome how close to the graphic novel this film came and I think Zack Snyder did a fantastice job. I was also happy with all the performances especially Jackie Earle Haley's who was outstanding as Rorschach!


Definately not, steer well clear of a sequel. Part of this film's success is down to how close it was to the original novel and there is no sequel to the novel so should not be one for the film.

Favourite Characters

The Losers


I actually enjoyed the film, I have no idea how close it was to the comics because I've never read them. So that being the case I don't know how accurate it is but that's not a problem for me anyway, I don't get hung up on changes from the comics.


The first does seem fairly open-ended as if there should be a sequel. The film was ably acted by the entire cast and I would be happy to see it continue and see if The Losers ever catch up to Max, its not often that comic book movies are left so open unless plans for a sequel is in the works.

Favourite Characters

Jonah Hex

I can see why it got bad reviews, it wasn't great, it was barely even good, in fact it wasn't good. Despite that, there were some pretty cool scenes. I'm still not entirely sure why, out of all DC's characters, Warner Bros. decided to make a film about Jonah Hex but oh well, what's done is done.


I'm not gonna go into too much detail for this "spinoff". Let's face it it wasn't very good. I don't hate it but am close to hating it. It just isn't good character wise or story wise... I don't even have any favourite characters in it. Can't help but feel if it was made and released around 1994 featuring Michelle Pfeiffer's Selina Kyle then it would have been so much better.


It wasn't too bad but also wasn't necessary. If it had led to her first meeting with Superman then I think it could have been really great.

DC Animated

I've really enjoyed all the DC animated movies that I've seen as well as the TV series. I think they do an amazing job.

Green Lantern: First Flight

I thought it was amazing, animation makes the possibilities for Green Lantern limitless. It provides both Hal's Green Lantern origin and the fall of Sinestro. I just hope the live action film is as good if not better than First Flight!

Favourite Characters

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