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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is a 2012 - 2013 film set based on Frank Miller's classic The Dark Knight Returns. It is one of the only film adaptations to be better than the source material.

Good Qualities

  1. It has some marked improvements over its source material:
    1. Dr. Wolper's death is much less gruesome.
    2. Abner's dolls never speak and say criggle-worthy lines.
    3. The Batman/Selina Kyle scene is much more romantic and intimate.
    4. It tones down of Joker's homoerotic comments during the Battle in the Tunnel of Love.
    5. The battle between Batman and Superman is longer and better written.
    6. The dialogue is more realistic.
  2. Batman's rescue of Kevin Ridley is just as touching as in the book.
  3. Great voice acting.
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