Victor Fries
Mr Freeze BMFS
Alias(es) Mr. Freeze
Appeared in Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
Status Alive
Actor Michael Ansara

Victor Fries antagonizes Batman as the ice-based supervillain Mr. Freeze.


Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

Unfortunately for Freeze and Nora, an exploration crew inadvertently crashed into Freeze's home. The containment was destroyed and the deadly disease to progressed into its fatal stages. After freezing the entire crew of the sub, Freeze headed to Gotham City with Nora, his surrogate son Koonak and his two polar bears Notchka and Shaka, to enlist the aid of head cryogenic researcher Gregory Belson, who had worked with Freeze prior to the accident. Though he was hesitant, Belson was eventually "persuaded" to aid Freeze.

Together they found a way to cure Nora's disease, but it required an organ transplant. With no deceased donors available, they were forced to pursue a live one. The "donor" they chose was Barbara Gordon, and they proceeded to kidnap her. However, Dick Grayson was present during the kidnapping, and though he failed to save Barbara, he was aware of Freeze's plot. Batman and Robin managed to interrupt the operation before it took take place; the battle that ensued caused Freeze's lair to explode. Batman, Robin, and Barbara were able to evacuate Nora and Koonak in time, but Freeze had fallen into the fiery blast and was assumed dead. Some time later, Victor watches a news report through a window and hears that his wife is alive and well thanks to his efforts. He sheds a tear in happiness and wanders off with his two bears.


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