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Victor Zsasz
Alias(es) Mr. Zsasz
Appeared in Batman Begins
Status Incarcerated
Actor Tim Booth

Victor Zsasz is a criminal in Gotham City.


Batman Begins[]

One of Carmine Falcone's thugs, Victor Zsasz is a killer, who butchers Falcone's enemies using a knife. He's arrested thanks to Rachel Dawes' efforts and sent to Arkham Asylum. During Ra's al Ghul attack on the city, Zsasz was freed along with other prisoners.

The Dark Knight[]

Victor Zsasz is confirmed to be still at large after the events of the League of Shadows' attack.

Character traits[]

Mr. Zsasz is a sadistic killer, who's used to cut himself with a tally mark for every victim. He's able in knife usage, and quite an athletic fighter.



Behind the scenes[]


  • In the comics, Zsasz is a serial killer, while in the movie he's portrayed as a hitman.


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