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Virgil Hawkins
Static (Justice League Unlimited)
Alias(es) Static
Appeared in Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing
Status Alive
Actor Phil LaMarr

After exposure to a mutative gas, young Virgil Hawkins became Static, a superhero that could generate and control electricity and manipulate electromagnetic phenomenas.


Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing[]

Ten years later, the only changes for Static is that his hair has finally grayed and an outfit change (resembling his second outfit during his teenage crime fighting years). The aging Static is seen as a Justice League Unlimited member, and is still an active member by the age of 65 ("The miracles of modern medicine; 65 is the new '30'.").

Along with other members of the JLU, Static experienced the distorted timeline created by Chronos. Static, along with Terry McGinnis, Warhawk, and the Elder Bruce Wayne are the only surviving members of the Justice League Unlimited. Static and the rest of the JLU helped the 21st century leaguers (Batman, John Stewart, and Wonder Woman) escape from the augmented Jokerz. He met the Green Lantern Hal Jordan during a time shift, and attempted to capture David Clinton with the other leaguers. During a battle against the Jokerz, Static accidentally fell into a random time portal. This timeline was undone when Chronos was defeated, allowing Static to return back to his own time.