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Vril Dox
Brainiac (Legion of Superheroes)
Alias(es) Brainiac
Brainiac 6
Appeared in Legion of Super Heroes: Dark Victory
Status Alive
Actor Corey Burton

Vril Dox is a Coluan who caused Krypton's destruction when he removed Kandor from Krypton, along with the Messenger. He would become an opponent of the last son of Krypton, Superman.


Legion of Super Heroes: Dark Victory[]

Brainiac 5's ancestor and an opponent in Superman's future. He left residual programming inside Brainiac 5 and took control of him with Imperiex's help. Brainiac was stopped by the combined efforts of Superman, Superman X, and Brainiac 5. However, he recombined with Brainiac 5's shed mechanical parts to create Brainiac 6.

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