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Wallace West
YJID Kid Flash
Alias(es) Wally West
Kid Flash
Appeared in Young Justice: Independence Day
Status Deceased
Actor Jason Spisak

Wallace "Wally" West, also known as Kid Flash, was the super quick nephew and sidekick of Barry Allen.


Young Justice: Independence Day[]

On July 4th, at 11:03 Central Daylight Time (CDT), Flash and Kid Flash defeated Captain Cold while the villain tried to steal diamonds in Central City. He eagerly anticipated the day's special event, all four sidekicks were to gather at the Hall of Justice and begin steps toward official membership in the Justice League. This was also to be Kid Flash's first visit to the Hall. Much to his dismay, the duo were the last to arrive. Nonetheless, the sidekicks were less than pleased with the results. Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad ventured alone and unsanctioned to Project Cadmus' headquarters to investigate a fire alert.

After saving a pair of scientists, Kid Flash stumbled upon a formation of Genomorphs, bio-engineered living weapons. Despite being caught, Kid Flash retained his sense of humor and joined in trying to appeal to Superboy's nature. In the battle against Blockbuster, Kid Flash was given the task of diverting the villain's attention and drawing it to a specific spot designated by Robin. The remains of Cadmus were soon visited by the Justice League. After hearing the sidekicks' declarations, the Young Justice team was formed. While Batman deliberated, Kid Flash took Superboy home with him. Upset by their loafing, Mary West sent them outside on July 7th. Kid Flash inspected a message addressed to his civilian identity, from Batman. It was a prepaid charge card designated for expenses. Kid Flash and Superboy went to the Central City Mall to buy new clothes for Superboy and also ran into a pair of teenage villains named the Terror Twins.

On July 8th, they gathered at Mount Justice and met the team's fifth member, Miss Martian, who Kid Flash was instantly smitten with.

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