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Watchmen was released on DVD and Blu Ray on July 21, 2009 and The Ultimate Cut on Blu Ray on November 10, 2009.

Director's Cut[]

  • Director's cut with over 24 minutes of extra footage
  • Maximum Movie Mode & The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics: The original graphic novel's groundbreaking impact
  • Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes: Explores how the characters are mirrored in historical and contemporary real-life behavior
  • Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World
  • All 11 Watchmen video journals
  • My Chemical Romance "Desolation Row" music video
  • Additional features via BD-Live (can be shared on Facebook)

The Ultimate Cut[]

Disc 1:

  • Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Film
  • Audio Commentary with Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons

Disc 2: Over 2 Hours of Special Features • The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics • Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes • Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World • Watchmen: Video Journals • My Chemical Romance Desolation Row • Under The Hood • Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen

Disc 3:

  • Digital Copy of the Theatrical Version

Disc 4:

  • Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics BD-Live