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Waylon Jones
Alias(es) Killer Croc
Appeared in Batman: Gotham Knight
Status Alive

Waylon Jones was born with a rare skin condition that gave him a reptilian appearance, his mother was disgusted by her newborn son's mutation and threw him down in the sewers where he spent most of his life. He was mistreated for his rare condition which caused him to become known as the villain Killer Croc. Unlike most versions of Waylon Jones, a deformed criminal, Batman: Gotham Knight portrays him as cannibalistic and much darker. In his childhood, Waylon was in a freak show and called "Killer Croc" because of his scaly appearance.


Batman: Gotham Knight[]

In this version, Killer Croc is depicted as being a cannibalistic serial killer who is afraid of bats. Cardinal O'Fallon was abducted so Batman searches for his abductor. After a homeless man informed him that Killer Croc was the abductor, Batman wandered through the sewers until he encountered Croc who was under the influence of the Scarecrow's fear toxin, and attacks Batman. They have an intense battle, but Batman defeats him, but not before Killer Croc bites Batman, which causes some of the fear toxin to enter his body. After their battle, Killer Croc lunged at Batman again, but Batman shoved a smoke grenade into Killer Croc's mouth, scaring him away. Killer Croc was never found since.



  • In most versions of Batman such as the comics and cartoons, Killer Croc speaks, but in Gotham Knight, he was silent and never spoke, only making grunting sounds or growling noises.

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